I’ve uncovered a problem in my job search. I have no title. If I was a civil engineer or a veterinarian or a nurse or an accountant, I’d go to a job search website or company website and type in civil engineer or nurse and all the potential jobs would magically pop up.

But not for me. I worked one of those wacky job where you have a manufactured title – like analyst or specialist or coordinator or project manager, which if used in a keyword search, would bring up a whole bunch of unrelated jobs.

For me, anytime, I use “environment” or “planner/planning” I get event planners, supervisory jobs, and stuff about the work environment or even better, software environments, whatever that means.

This is really slowing me down. I should have been a civil engineer. Seriously kids – this is something to consider if you’re heading back to school – get a degree that comes with a title!