So…first off, I did eventually pick a yarn for my gathered pullover. And yes, it took me two weeks. And no – I did not make a spreadsheet, though I certainly considered it…more than once. I went with Knitpicks Cotlin in sprout – a spring grassy green. I’m not sure it’s actually a good color for me, but to hell with that. I usually avoid Knitpicks yarn because I have heard it isn’t exactly the sturdiest stuff – I suppose something that cheap never is. but it got decent reviews on Ravelry and gets softer with washing….and I’m a sucker for soft. Plus, with spring being a pretty limited season, even up here in Boston, I figured it won’t get as much wear as a winter sweater would.

In other yarn news – well…it’s a secret….and that’s the news. I can’t post anything about my projects because they have not yet made their way to the recipients and therefore, I can’t spoil all the fun by posting here, or on Ravelry, or even on Flickr. So….umm, just imagine something blue and some other stuff in pink and some purple stuff. Isn’t it lovely?