So, last Monday was the Boston Marathon.When people descend on Boston to run 26.2 miles in completely unpredictable weather. In 2007, there was torrential rain 40-degree weather. In 2005, 80 degree temps. And so, this year – 60 degree temps and a 20+ mph headwind wasn’t all that bad. I went out to Kenmore, just less than a mile from the finish to watch the runners – especially the two American elites (Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall) who actually had chance of winning…..which hadn’t happened since 83 for the men and 85 for the women. They both came in third, by the way, which I totally applaud. I was so emotionally moved that I almost cried. And I thought – I want to run a marathon. I want to accomplish something that big. And then, on my way from Kenmore to the finish line, I pulled a muscle in my foot….while walking….on a flat surface…..with no particular speed….and in sneakers. Okay, maybe the marathon is aiming too high.